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Existing in Chaos

I could have also titled this “The Best Laid Plans” or “Reality Bites” or “My Head Just Exploded, Pardon the Brains.”

So I finished the formatting for Another’s Audience, hurray.  I was reading through the manuscript, and it was humming through my head like a good violin concerto, all is well …


I went headlong over a major plot turn.  I thought it was okay when I wrote it, I really did.  I did research to see if this was a plausible situation, and it checked out.  Reading it now was like this GIF:


It’s fixable, but it’s going to entail some work since I’ll have to adjust other scenes in the book.  It will also take time, which right now is laughably elusive thanks to this whole “I’m losing my Real World Job and moving” thing that’s going on now.  Last weekend my beloved and I traveled to a city to which I’d been very interested in moving, but his reaction was pretty much the GIF too.  In a couple of weeks I’m traveling to what will be our new home city to make some real estate agent’s day.  In the meantime, the Job hasn’t decided whether it’s easier to kill me or go on with its original plan of getting rid of me, while I have to keep telling my beloved not to start selling off our possessions just yet.

I keep telling myself these are all good changes, and they are.  I know this is very much a #FirstWorldProblem.  And I think this is the weekend I put my foot down and tell my beloved, “honey, I GOTTA write.”  No talking about the new house or the end of the Job or his retirement.

Honey, I GOTTA write.

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