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It’s Finally May, or “Can I Stop Multitasking Now?”

I’d like to think that maybe one person other than myself reads this and maybe wonders where I’ve been, so if that’s you, hello! (waves)

To say things have been absolutely insane in the Real World is a massive understatement.  Between my rapidly-winding-up job, our impending move to Florida–we close on our new condo on Wednesday and will leave Richmond on June fifteenth–and trying to get my various business interests set up, there has been little time to be creative.  Editing has been a “ha ha ha, yeah, right” thing.  I’ve learned the hard way that it’s useless right now to promise any sort of date on completing something.

But May is here.  In exactly one month, the corporate job ends.  I’ll have about a week and a half of downtime before we really start gearing up to move.  In the meantime, I have a little time off this month due to dental surgery, so I can rest and maybe–MAYBE–finally finish editing Another’s Audience.

Thanks to a multi-author promotion back in January, Merely Players has made a little money.  “Did you sell some books?” my husband asked, as I keep my royalty money (such as it is) in a separate account which he can see on our bank’s website.  I sold a few, yes, but I got a load of page reads from Kindle Direct Publishing as that was part of the promotion.  Lots of page reads add up, it seems.  The book only has three reviews, but they’re all good and two of them are from people I don’t know, hurray!  I’ll take what I can get, slow and steady wins the race, etc.  So many indie writers, myself included, want things to happen so NOW NOW NOW that our creative output suffers.  When one’s world is getting upended at the same time, even more so.

I may still be in the rapids, but I can see smooth water ahead.  Thanks for your patience and, if you have time, go review Merely PlayersAs the song says, I ain’t too proud to beg.  😀

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