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Overthinking and Underwriting

With all the upheaval in my life recently–mostly happy upheaval, true, but upheaval nevertheless–actually sitting down and putting words to screen is taking discipline, something that’s hard for me to come by even in the best of times.  It doesn’t help that I read writer’s forums and get bombarded by so much information that it clogs my brain, aka “paralysis by analysis.”

In a way, I’m kind of glad that Merely Players is, let’s be honest, kind of dead in the water as far as sales go.  I really haven’t invested a lot of time or money in promoting it, and in retrospect I was stupid to publish it when I did.  I just had too much going on, and I couldn’t give it the attention that it needed.  It was just over a year ago that I submitted Players to the Kindle Scout program, and in the middle of the evaluation period came the layoff announcement in my Real World Job.  Had it been accepted, I probably would have found my mind rolling around on the floor someplace because it couldn’t handle everything that was going on, so that whole “blessing in disguise” thing, yeah.

Merely Players is done.  Another’s Audience is maybe ninety percent done.  Long Awaited needs a lot of reworking.  Unlikely Roles, the fourth Gilded Cage book that is saying “I’d really like to get written, please,” has been barely started.  A manuscript I started during NaNoWriMo is lurking on my hard drive, as is another series.  While I’m fortunate to have my severance and retention money from my layoff, I don’t want to deplete it, so I’m doing stuff on various freelance sites for spending money and would also like to get an editing/beta reading business off the ground.  Now that the living situation is dialing down from “friggin’ crazy” to “developing a routine,” I’m sitting down with myself and figuring out what I can do when–and having to sternly tell myself I can’t do everything now.

It’s hard out here for a word pimp, yo.

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