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Fun or Profit?

When I decided to self-publish after my Kindle Scout experience, I did not have visions of myself becoming the next Nora Roberts.

On an author’s board I visit, there was recently a link to an “Ask Me Anything” post on, commonly known as an AMA, from a husband and wife team who self-publish erotica on Amazon. This past year, they grossed over nine hundred thousand dollars. However, both of them put in an insane amount of work. They wrote about blowing off family on Thanksgiving in their own home in order to meet a deadline, whether writing or getting out a promotion, ducking out of social events to make sure something got published on time, being grateful that their two kids could take care of themselves, etc. The husband, who was writing the AMA, said that their limits had been learned and that they would take more time off this year. Still, it all sounded like way too much effort.

Yes, there are authors who can write extremely quickly. The aforementioned Nora Roberts, for example, is well known for her speed, writing eight hours a day every day, famously even when she is supposedly vacationing. Another author on the board seems to put out a new book every six weeks or so. Roberts, of course, is a multi-millionaire, and Fast Writer apparently does all right as well. As for me … I realize that if I write 2000 words a day, approximately ten pages in Microsoft Word, that I could have at least a first draft in a month’s time. I certainly have the time to do it, and unlike many on the board my finances thankfully don’t depend on me getting stuff out there as quickly as I can. Writing fiction is fun and cathartic for me, and if I make a little money from it, awesome, but I’ve never consciously sat down and said “okay, I need to bust out two thousand words today.”

Let’s see what happens when I do.

I know not a lot of people read this, but if you do, thanks. Now that the end of the Great Life Upheaval of 2017 is in the rear view mirror, I’ve been able to–gasp!–actually map things out. Weekly updates here? Sure, why not?

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  1. Ugh. I wish I could write eight hours a day. I recently signed up with a group pledging to write 1,000 words a day. Many days I struggle to make even that low
    a goal. It’s funny, though. I have also decided to pump out at least one blog post a week. Fingers crossed.

    • Hi, Anna! I think a lot of people’s goals this year include updating blogs regularly–I’ll be sure to check out yours! As for writing goals, I think every writer has those experiences where he/she can bust out ten thousand words one day and barely get in a coherent paragraph the next. For me, it’s my ruthless self-editor that has me constantly going back to fix things. I have to tell myself YOU CAN FIX IT LATER pretty regularly. 😀

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