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Merely Players - High Resolution

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To the world they are superstars, moving to the top of their fields before they’d left their teens. Morgana Leslie was a musical prodigy who turned her talents to rock and still commands worldwide charts. Zachary Mackenzie is the face of the National Hockey League and the captain of one of its most exciting teams. But away from the arenas and the lights, each of them knows the loneliness of being “special,” the price paid when having to grow up in front of camera lenses and microphones.

She was a face on his wall, a voice in his ears. He was a picture on the sports page, a sound bite on TV. When they meet, however, neither expect the pull towards each other, the recognition of what might be the missing piece of the puzzle.

Twenty years separate them. Which will be greater—the risk or the reward?


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Despite their twenty year age difference and high-powered careers, rock musician Morgana Leslie and hockey superstar Zachary Mackenzie are forging a life together. As they individually reach pinnacles of success, they find their greatest support with each other, as well as with loving understanding friends.

Not everyone who knows about them is so supportive, though. Zach’s father firmly believes that Gana is using Zach as a prop to her vanity, while Gana is still stung by the rejection of her and Zach’s relationship by the woman who was her closest childhood friend.  When that former friend is caught in a scandal of her own that turns tragic, both Gana and Zach must deal with their own memories and fears of what lies ahead for them, including something so unexpected it can only bind them more closely … or tear them apart forever.